Audi A6 Hybrid

1The big Audi sedan debuts a new mechanics. Specifically, a hybrid system comprising a synchronous electric motor (as well as serves as the engine alternator and brake deceleration as starter) 40 kW (54 hp) and 210 Nm of torque, and the famous 2.0 TFSI of Audi yielding 211 hp and maximum torque of 350 Nm between 1,500 and 4,200 rpm. The mechanics are exactly the same used by the Audi Q5 Hybrid, but unlike it the Audi A6 Hybrid is FWD.

The result is the Audi A6 Hybrid, a large luxury saloon, elegant and modest in their consumption also. The combined mode hybrid system generates 245 hp and a torque of 480 Nm. The consumption and emission figures are still provisional, but nevertheless Audi ahead of us to be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.3 seconds and reach 238 km/h on end. Consumption approved of this second hand sell my used Audi car A6 hybrid will be about 6.4 litres/100 km and emissions of 146 g/km. Whereupon, with its tank of 73 liters, would have a range exceeding 1,100 kilometers.

This hybrid sedan is also equipped a tiptronic eight relations changed when the torque converter has been replaced by an electric motor in the form of multi-disc clutch in oil bath which engages and disengages the electric motor and combustion. The electronics are responsible for managing the clutch to ensure their effectiveness and smoothness in every situation.

In pure electric mode

One of the most important advantages of the mechanics of the Audi A6 Hybrid is the ability to operate for a short time at a speed below 100 km/h in electric mode. Specifically, at a speed of 60 km/h is capable of traveling up to 3 kilometers, enough to cover short urban trips without consuming fuel only.

The head of its autonomy in electric mode is a lithium ion battery compact weighs 36.7 kilograms barely and is only 26 liters. It has been positioned under the trunk floor, which is why the capacity of it is limited to about 375 liters (850 liters with the rear seats folded) when an Audi A6 “non-hybrid” sedan body has 530 liters.

Efficiency but also sportsmanship

In addition to the electric mode, the Audi A6 Hybrid can travel in mixed mode with two options EV and D are more or less priority (respectively) to the motor assist the combustion front. Finally has a sport mode, called S.
Finally has an additional capacity for recovery or so-called heavy acceleration boost. Specifically, this functionality is responsible for providing for a short period of time, the time throttle in S, all the power available in the system.

As a peculiarity of the Audi A6 Hybrid lacks counter use. This has been replaced by a power meter or powermeter with a needle that indicates the overall system power from 0 to 100%. Another scale divided into segments of green and orange colors indicate the propulsion system being used. Finally has another meter that indicates the charge status of the lithium-ion battery.

Outwardly the differences between the Audi A6 Hybrid and its non-hybrid counterparts are slim. Was limited to just one turbine wheels 17? (225/55 R17) and ten radios which may optionally be replaced with 18? wheels (245/45 R18) and Hybrid badges with the inscription on the body.

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